Change Security Code

If you want to reset your security code, there are three options.

Option 1: On your mobile application, go to the main menu and choose Settings. Then go to Security section and choose Change security code option.

You will be requested to input your password in order to complete the action. Changing the security code means that you can choose a new one by yourself. After the step is complete, an email will be sent as a confirmation to the email associated to the account.

Option 2: On the web page, go to the main menu and click on Settings. Then go to Change your security code section and click on the button.

A new security code will be generated and sent to the email associated to the account.

Option 3: On your mobile application, when sending e-money to a friend within a chat, you will be asked to input your security code. On the same screen, choose Change Code in order to choose a new one. You will be inputted with the same screen as the one from Option 1. See Send / Request e-money chapter for more details.