In the web menu, choose Documents in order to upload documents to prove your company identity and to see their approval status.

If your company is a sole trader, you must upload the following documents:

Registration Proof Proof of registration from an official authority.
Proof of Identity Identity proof of the registered legal representative: ID card (both front and back), passport (if you are outside of the SEPA area) or driving license (if you are from UK, USA or Canada).

If your company is an organization, in addition to the above two documents, you must upload the following as well:

Articles of Association Certified articles of association (statute). This is a formal memorandum stated by the entrepreneurs.

If your company is a business, in addition to the above three documents, you must upload the following as well:

Shareholder Declaration Ownership statement of the company shared capital. This is a document that you must download by clicking on Download Shareholder Declaration Template, then fill in, and then upload in the dedicated box.

After choosing the files to upload, click on the button Upload.

The status of your documents will be Validation Asked. Usually, documents are approved in maximum 48 working hours. After validation process, the status of your document will become either Approved, or Refused. In case a document is refused, a refusal reason is always provided. You must upload documents again if you wish to become a REGULAR user.

The list of documents is never cleared; all documents that you have exchanged will remain in the list for future reference. You will be able to see: what type of document you have uploaded, its status, and the date when it was uploaded.

Click on the eye-like icon to see a document that you have uploaded. You are not able to revoke a submitted document, so make sure you upload the right ones from the beginning.