The Chats section displays all the contacts from your Agenda, in alphabetical order. It will display first all other Moneymailme users, followed by your other contacts which you can invite to use Moneymailme application.

Upon hold on a contact, a menu with two options is available: View profile and Open contact.

View profile of a Moneymailme user opens a window in which the profile picture, the current status, the last seen timestamp and the phone number are visible. You can choose to call the contact directly, using your Phone application. View profile of a non-Moneymailme user displays only the phone number of the contact.

Open contact will open the contact using your Agenda application.

Upon pressing on a contact, the conversation window is opened. Press in the upright of the screen to see the contact profile. Press on Block Contact button to block the contact. That user will not be able to contact you in any way through Moneymailme application. Blocking the user will remove the conversation from the Chats list. Unblocking the user will restore communication. In order to unblock a user, see section Settings.

You can invite a non-Moneymailme user to start using Moneymailme application by pressing on Invite button. This will open your SMS application with a predefined text that you can send to your friend.

Tip: You can refresh the Contacts list by dragging it down.

You can add a Moneymailme private contact by clicking on the Add button from the upper right corner of your Contacts list. This contact will be part of the Moneymailme agenda only, it will not be added on your phone agenda or any other contact list. Once you uninstall the application from your phone, the Moneymailme private contacts will be deleted. When adding a private Moneymailme contact, set the phone number and the name of that contact, then press on the button Add contact.