General settings section:

Enable notifications
Activate it to receive notifications in the status bar of your phone.

Show message in notifications
Activate it to see the actual message text in the notification message from the status bar of your phone.

Download received files
Option Only on Wi-Fi = Files that you may receive from a contact in a conversation (like photos, locations, etc.) are downloaded automatically only when your phone is connected to a wireless network.
Option Always = Files are always downloaded automatically, no matter the type of your Internet connection.
Option Never = Files are never downloaded; you have to manually choose their download.

Enter key inserts new line
Option inactive = When pressing Enter on your pad, the message that you write in a conversation is Sent.
Option active = When pressing Enter on your pad, a new line is inserted in the text you are currently writing.

Send and receive online presence info
Option inactive = Your contacts will not see information (date and time) about your activity (last seen). You will not be able to see your contacts’ presence activity as well.
Option active = Your contacts will see information about your activity. You will see your contacts’ information about their activity.

Automatically delete messages
Choose after what period of time the messages in your chats are deleted: Never, After 1 hour, After 12 hours, After 1 day, After 7 days, After 30 days.

Vibrate on message received
Option active = Phone vibrates on any message received in the application.
Option inactive = Phone does not vibrate on messages received in the application.

Change Your Security Code
Choose this if you want to set a new security code to authorize transactions. The password of your Moneymailme account is required to complete the action.

Info section:

Terms & Conditions
Access Terms & Conditions for using the Moneymailme services.

Privacy Policy
Access Privacy Policy of Moneymailme application.

Send feedback
Send a feedback to Moneymailme team.

Account section:

Blocked contacts
Choose this in order to manage blocked contacts in your Moneymailme application. All blocked contacts are visible here with the following information: name, phone number and timestamp of when blocking happened. Choose the left side icon in order to unblock user. No confirmation will be asked.

Choose this in order to logout from Moneymailme application.